Coalition Overview

What if you only had one food to eat for the rest of your life? What if the only food you could ever access was russet potatoes? No salt. No spices or seasoning. No ketchup, mustard, or BBQ sauce. No condiments, and no added flavors. Just ... russet potatoes. Sure, russet potatoes are very good, but would you be satisfied with just russet potatoes when you know the bounty of foods nature provides? What if the one food you had access to was black-eyed peas? Or cilantro ... just cilantro? Or nutmeg ... just nutmeg?

Of course we are not satisfied eating only one food. The need for variety is where recipes come from; we take many ingredients and put them together to create ever new and exciting dishes. However, many of us, or perhaps most of us, in the plant-based community go about our lives with access to only one or two ingredients, and we rarely share, or we share very selectively. But what if we came together and shared our ingredients openly with intention and purpose? What kind of master dishes could we come up with?

This is where the VegTucson Coalition comes in. We all have one or more ingredients - it could be a skill, a talent, an idea, an abundance of time or money, a lot of connections, or a mastery of the word, computer, or law. We have largely kept these ingredients to ourselves because we don’t know how or where or with whom to share them. That is, until now.

This is the core purpose of the coalition; it is to give a space for us all to come together to share our ingredients and create a master dish for us all and the world to share in. It is a network; a place to find others and build alliances, to share time, talent, and treasure, in order to make our lives and our world a better place.

Join us, and let’s create a master dish!

Who We Are

VegTucson is a coalition of plant-based and plant-friendly businesses, advocacy groups, and individuals.


We bring the plant-based community together to network, and promote plant-based lifestyles by providing resources and education to Tucson-area businesses, groups, individuals, and the public.


At its core, VegTucson is a coalition of members that cooperate and share resources in support of each other. As the saying goes, together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We believe that by pooling our time, talent, connections, and resources, we achieve an exponential return on investment, yielding substantial benefits to members and plant-based lifestyles as a whole. VegTucson provides basic infrastructure, organization, and promotions for members.

While members are free to compete fairly with each other, VegTucson does not intend to compete with its members, except where explicitly specified.


VegTucson is a resource full of local community-oriented, plant-based, like-minded business owners and individuals, including healthcare practitioners, restaurant owners, life coaches, chefs, and website developers. Contributing members have direct access to those in the resource guide. This may include such items as advice from a variety of experts, access to our volunteer pool, professional consultation, and use of available facilities at a discount. Contributing members may have the opportunity to advertise and promote upcoming events. Contributing members may become board members to help form a better Southern Arizona through healthier life choices, shopping, eating, and overall living.

As a business, group, or individual, what help do you need, and what do you have to offer others? The coalition and its members succeed the more they share and assist each other.

Sign Up!

Membership in the coalition is free. Businesses, advocacy groups, and individuals can apply for membership by filling out the sign up form. Membership is currently granted on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions, please contact us.